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11 Best Plugins for Figma to Speed Up Your Design Workflow and Make Beautiful Work.

11 Best Plugins for Figma to Speed Up Your Design Workflow and Make Beautiful Work.

by girishsolanki20

Introduced in 2019’s August, the Figma Plugins are quickly gaining traction in the industry. The number of people who provide plugins and resources to the Figma Community will grow as more designers and developers use Figma as their go-to design tool.

You may discover a lot of different plugins and tools to use in your design work. Many of the Figma plugins out there are great, but I’ve narrowed it down to my 11 favourites that will help you make beautiful designs and save time.

Top Plugins for Figma to Speed Up Design Work and Improve Quality

1. Mockuuups Studio

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Mockuuups Studio

You may get hundreds of photography-themed mockups with the Mockuuups Studio add-on. If you want to show how your marketing materials or visual contents will seem in practise, a mockup is the way to go.

Simply choose a gadget, and a wide variety of mockup options will appear. You may refine your mockup search results by selecting specific criteria like as colour, gradient, or even Dell laptop display settings down to the most recent version.

If you use this plugin, you will see that it works flawlessly and saves you a tonne of time. The number of mockups available in their libraries, which are regularly updated, is already well over 1,300.

Set up the Mockuuups Studio add-on,

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2. Artboard Studio

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Artboard Studio Mockups

You may use the large collection of materials provided by Artboard Studio Mockups to build, animate, and design your own unique creative projects in your very own scenario.

They provide a wide variety of mockup templates for you to select from, including those for websites, apps, t-shirts, and books.

To get started with the Figma plugin right now, just follow the instructions below.

There is, however, one major drawback to the plugin. Larger mockups or components might cause Figma to have trouble loading its artboards.

For the best experience, I suggest running Artboard Studio as a standalone web app. There, you’ll have more room to work with huge components and produce images with greater quality. At that point, you may save the files as pictures and bring them into Figma.

You may work together on a project and share it with others using the Artboard Studio app.

Incorporate the Artboard Studio add-on or

3. Zeplin

11 Best Plugins for Figma
https://zeplin.io/ image credit :

If you’re a designer working on a team with developers, you need the Zeplin plugin. Zeplin helps you save time since it displays your Figma creations in an organised workplace for the whole team.

You can do the following with this plugin:

Make sure the design process never stops moving forward and that you always hand over complete concepts for implementation.
Zeplin makes it simple to share your ideas with the world, guaranteeing that your developers will never be left in the dark about what you want them to produce.
Facilitate the adoption of your design system among developers by linking components to code.
Zeplin plugin installation required or

4. Blush

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : blush.design

Does your paper call for some visual aids? Blush may be used to make and alter drawings. This plugin allows you to combine and rearrange items, as well as discover them at random. Some other features of this plugin that you may find useful are:

Artists – more one-of-a-kind art compilations from a variety of the industry’s top picture takers.
Illustration may be used in both personal and commercial contexts under a perpetually free licence.
In contrast, the premium SVG & HI-RES plan allows you access to a plethora of additional features, such as granular control over layers, colour filters, print resolution, and more.
Blush’s makers are also teaming together with other artists to produce more stunning illustration sets. So if you are an artist or illustrator and would want to submit work, you may do so via their website.

Put in the Blush add-on

5. Motion

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Motion – UI and Games animation

Motion is a plugin that may help you create silky-smooth user interface animations for your web projects.

Use this plugin to add life to your user interface, characters, and more. The creator regularly updates the plugin and addresses any issues you may encounter.

Insert the Motion plugin

6. Datavizer

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Datavizer

Datavizer is a great option if you’re in need of chart plugins for producing high-quality data visualisations. To help you rapidly and elegantly visualise your data, the plugin includes a gorgeous user interface for building charts, graphs, UI dashboards, and more.

The plugin also lets you put in your own data or utilise fake or random information. To my knowledge, it is currently the finest Figma plugin for data visualisation.

Plug in the DataViz extension.

7. Contrast

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Contrast

This plugin may be used to instantly evaluate the contrast between colours. To find a colour, Contrast simply requires you to choose a single layer, saving you the trouble of having to individually pick each one.

The option to “scan page” makes scanning full pages a breeze.

Activate the Contrast add-on

8. Remove BG

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Remove BGContrast

If you want to get rid of a backdrop, Remove BG is a great option. With this plugin, you can easily eliminate unwanted backgrounds from photographs with a single click, saving you more than an hour of valuable work time compared to manually removing them in Photoshop.

Put in or take off the BG plugin.

9. Batch Styler

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Batch Styler

That plugin does exactly what it states in its name. For a more efficient workflow, use Batch Styler to modify your document’s colour scheme and fonts simultaneously. All modifications and formatting are brought up to date. Examples of these features include:

Swap out many colour palettes at once (hue, saturation, lightness, alpha, hex)
Swap out fonts in a group (font family, font weight, line height, letter spacing)
Mass-delete fashions
It’s possible to rename many formats at once
Make a new description (s)
Integrate the Batch Styler plugin

10. Responsify

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Responsify ⚡️

You may easily check your designs in many devices with the help of the open-source Responsify plugin for Figma. Designers and programmers specialising in user interface and user experience will find this add-on very helpful… I believe it’s essential for efficiently testing web applications across many devices.

Activate the Responsify add-on

11. Figma Measure

11 Best Plugins for Figma
image credit : Measure

Figma Measure is a tool that may be used to measure many aspects of a design, such as its dimensions or individual components. Like a neat ruler, the plugin may be used to measure several parameters, including but not limited to, height, breadth, and distance.

Invoke the Figma Measure plugin

So far, these are the best Figma plugins I’ve found, so I hope they help you out. Let us know what you think of the plugins and whether or not you’ve begun utilising any of them in the comments below.

You’ve been very patient reading this essay; I hope you enjoy the rest of your design process.

Image by Freepik

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