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2022: Top 12 UI UX Trends to watch

by girishsolanki20

When we look at the top UI/UX trends for 2022, it’s as if we’re still in 2021.

COVID-19 inspired many of the UI UX Trends 2021, but we’re thrilled to be able to move on from it now and focus on what’s next. UX trends for 2022 include metaverses, audio content, and localization of the user experience.

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Top UI Design Trends of 2022

  • The Dark Mode is activated.
  • Animation and 3D graphics
  • More screen sizes and pixels may be optimized for in the future
  • Apps need to be optimized for big displays.
  • Keeping things simple is the fifth step.
  • The collection of designs and the design system

Top UX Design Trends of 2022

  • From the demise of Clubhouse, inclusive design AR VR is moving into the B2B Metaverse Learning experience.
  • Increased accessibility in a broader range of fields (health, education)
  • User experience and content localization

1. The Dark Mode is activated.

A dark mode or dark theme is making a return as one of the top UI UX trends in 2022 if a white backdrop with plenty of white spaces is the trend in 2021.

It’s nothing unusual to have a dark mode. There are increasing numbers of applications and websites that provide the option to switch between a bright mode and a dark mode with increased contrast. Whitehouse.gov, for example, enables visitors to choose between low contrast bright mode and high contrast dark mode during a quick accessibility assessment.

For the year 2022, why choose a bright theme (white lettering on a black background)? Some people with vision impairments may benefit from a dark background and bright accent colors. The accessibility audit includes a checklist item for this. For smartphones with OLED panels, a dark theme also decreases the amount of electricity they use.

Your applications and websites may be missing out on potential customers if they don’t provide a dark mode or dark theme.

2. Animation and 3D graphics

As one of the top UI/UX trends for 2022, the 3D design will provide a new level of excitement to your interface. The globe is rapidly becoming more competitive, and this is just what your company needs.

New themes for Windows 11 will include 3D wallpapers in 2021.

Make some 3D animations, too! When animations were first introduced, many designers and developers were concerned about the time it would take to load websites or applications and how much data they would use. However, this is no longer the case.

However, the introduction of 5G technology will result in faster data transfer rates. It’s easier for people to get to files and apps, including 3D animations, when they have a faster internet connection.

3. More screen sizes and pixels may be optimized for in the future

It’s important to remember that if you’re just starting out in the field of graphic design, UI design, or UX design, you aren’t simply designing attractive icons.

There are a variety of screen sizes and pixels to consider while designing an interface. Additionally, designers must take into account a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, such as 480 pixels by 768 pixels by 1024 pixels by 1280 pixels, in addition to the usual breakpoints of 480 pixels by 768 pixels by 1024 pixels by 1280 pixels.

When it comes to designing for ever-increasing screen sizes and resolutions, designers should anticipate being whining more often starting in 2022 and continuing into the future. More goods and technologies, such as in-car displays and AR & VR devices, will certainly continue to follow this user interface trend.

The materials listed below might serve as an introduction to various screen sizes for aspiring designers:

4. Apps need to be optimized for big displays.

With all the different screen sizes and pixel counts, Google is encouraging you to prepare your applications for big displays, particularly desktops.

Adaptive features have been added to Google’s Material Design, making it easier for developers to create applications that work across several devices.

When it comes to creating user interfaces for applications, interface designers have mostly been influenced by mobile devices. It’s time to start adjusting your designs to bigger displays, such as foldable phones and desktops, as one of the top UI/UX trends for 2022.

5. Keeping things simple is the fifth step.

Until recently, the term “super app” was exclusive to Asia. Too far, WeChat, the flagship app from Tencent, has been the first to successfully combine several services such as text messaging with social networking and payment options with e-commerce, and food delivery with cab-hailing, among other things.

Other Asian companies are following in Tencent’s footsteps by making use of the region’s geographic advantages. Gojek, for example, is a popular ride-sharing service in Indonesia.

In addition, numerous worldwide mega-players are beginning to produce super-apps. Google, for example, has combined the Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Hangout Chat applications into a single program under the Gmail umbrella. Tackling the Tiktok juggernaut head-on, Twitter has introduced “Spaces,” while YouTube has introduced the “Shorts” format.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, several big applications have introduced collaboration elements to their apps. The complexity of the applications has risen as a result of all these new features and functions. As a result, the user experience has suffered as a result of this complexity.

As one of the top UI/UX trends for 2022, designers will be expected to reduce the complexity of their applications. As more and more services and products are crammed into applications, designers will have to ensure that the interfaces remain simple and user-friendly.

6. The collection of designs and the design system

Designers may produce work more quickly while still maintaining the same level of quality and consistency if they use a design system. UI design that may be utilised by everyone in the same firm or external parties is created via this method.

Because of the time and resources required to manage a design system, it was formerly reserved for larger organizations.

Even small businesses will begin to develop their own design systems from 2022 onwards, thanks to tools like Figma that are economical, simple to use, and scalable. Everyone in the firm, from the design team to the product team, to the marketing team, will benefit from a shared design system.

7. Design that is accessible to everyone.

Accessibility is just one aspect of inclusive design.

People with disabilities, special needs, and other impairments are extremely important to guarantee that a product or digital service is accessible. As an alternative, inclusive design takes into account a broad variety of human variables, such as ethnicity, socio-cultural background, gender, age, language and physical or mental disability in the design process as an integral part of the process.

A nice example of inclusive design is creating a collection of emojis that includes emojis for various races, genders, and ages.

A new emphasis on inclusive design will be put into place in 2022 to ensure that the design process takes into consideration more human elements and does not overlook minorities in particular.

8. The use of AR and VR in business-to-business (B2B) is increasing.

IKEA’s furniture app or gaming is perhaps the first thing that spring to mind when we talk about augmented reality and virtual reality. There will be an increase in the use of AR and VR for business reasons in 2022.

AR and VR-based training and virtual events may now be conducted remotely thanks to the rise of remote working.

Increasing numbers of organizations are offering remote working choices for their workers as we continue to recover from the COVID-19 epidemic, which will increase the use of AR VR technologies. Accounting and consulting giant PwC have announced that it would enable all of its 40,000 U.S. client services workers to work online and reside wherever they want indefinitely, making it one of the largest businesses to adopt permanent remote work, according to a report from Reuters.

9. It’s called the “metaverse” (newly added as one of the top UI UX trends in 2022)

VR headsets allow users to interact with one another, digital devices, and the environment in a virtual world called the Metaverse.

In an attempt to eventually establish a “metaverse” setting, Facebook has built a VR remote work app. The new Horizon Workrooms software for Oculus Quest 2 headsets, a Facebook-owned company, enables users to have meetings as avatars.

Ending in 2022, it will be a major deal. It will be a big deal in 2022. Because Facebook has declared ambitions to employ 10,000 individuals in the EU to work on the metaverse, this is the main reason.

10. Clubhouse’s demise served as a teaching opportunity.

In recent years, most UI/UX trends have focused on the hero picture, colour, typography, and video content, for example. Visual designs and visual material have long been used by businesses as a way to draw in customers. There has been very little focus on audio material.

New software like Clubhouse shows that audio material should be given a second look. Clubhouse attracted the most attention in 2021, even though we don’t know whether it would still exist in 2022. Check out Clubhouse’s UX evaluation.

It is possible to learn from the Clubhouse experience and use acoustic elements in your design to entice your consumers.

11. Accessibility in a wider range of fields

You may face a lawsuit if you don’t provide proper access to your digital platform. From 2019 to 2020, Usablenet reports that the number of litigation related to digital accessibility climbed by about 23% to 3550 instances. In the year 2020, it equates to around ten lawsuits every working day.

Even though we’ve already seen certain tech businesses emphasising accessibility, we’ll see additional industries like health and education investing in inaccessibility in 2022.

Make sure that you perform the following as a starting point:

Contrasting colours may be used to create visual interest (such as dark text on a light background or light text on dark background)
Increase the font size for users if possible.
Your videos should include subtitles.
Describe the photographs you’ve taken.

12. In the user experience and content, localization is important.

User experience and content personalization and localization will be the focus in 2022.

A platform’s dashboard, alerts, and content should all be customizable by users. Additional study should be done to determine which markets need localization in UX.

The checkout procedure, adding items to the shopping cart, and payment options are just a few examples of where each market’s customers have specific preferences. Email is the preferred way of login in most Western areas, whereas cell numbers are favoured in several Asian markets.

Markets in 2022 and beyond will be separated into a variety of markets with varying standards due to the continued trade barriers and trade wars. As a consequence, UX localization will become even more critical throughout the world.

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