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2022’s best free UI/UX design resources and tools

by girishsolanki20

Which new tools and facilities are being used by other designers as well as you? Designers throughout the globe use these tools and utilities, so here is a complete list.

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Design System

Prototyping Tools

Free Stock Photos

Tools that speed up your workflow

Collaboration Tools



The best designers in the world post their work and ideas on these platforms.

1. Behance -Top Creative Work On Behance

Discover the most recent work from the best online portfolios of creative people in a wide range of fields on Behance Showcase.


2. Dribble – Find the World’s Best Designers & Creatives

Dribbble is the finest place to discover new designers, get comments, connect with the community, and get work as a designer.


3. the Awwwards – the Website Award (Best Web Design Trends)

These awards are known as Awwwards because of their focus on web development.


4. Patterns for Mobile User Interface (UX)

Latest Mobile Design Patterns from Mobbin.com

Take a look at a selection of the top mobile design patterns from the most popular applications.


5. UI Sources (Real App Interaction)

Patterns and Interactions in UI Design for Mobile Devices
From the best-designed and highest-earning applications in the world.


6. UI/UX Portfolio Inspiration and Showcase – Bestfolios

Collection of the greatest portfolio websites from the best designers.


7. The Muzil Design Inspiration

For all of your design inspiration, go no further than Designers’ Secret Source. Freshly prepared.


Color Tools

Quickly compare several color schemes by using these tools.

1. Adobe Color CC.

Color schemes may be created using the color wheel, or you can explore hundreds of color combinations from the Color community to get ideas.


2. Material Design’s Color Tool

Material Design’s Color Tool is here.
Color palettes for your user interface may be created and shared, and the accessibility of any color combination can be tested.


3. the Muzil Color Palette Generator may be used to generate color schemes.

Beautiful Color Schemes Can Be Created Using This Online Color Palette Maker.
Color palettes for your projects may be created by searching, discovering, testing, and experimenting.


4. Colorable (Color contrast tester)

000000 on #fff9b0

The difference in brightness or color that distinguishes an item is known as contrast (or its representation in an image or display)


5. ColorBox

Lyft Design’s ColorBox
Using Colorbox, you may create your own palettes of colors.


6. Web Gradient

Free gradients from itmeo.com’s collection are included here.
Here, you’ll find over 180 gorgeous CSS3, Photoshop, and Sketch linear gradients.


7. Brand Colors

BrandColors – authentic hex colour codes for brand names
The most comprehensive database of approved trademark colour codes. Color codes for more than 500 popular companies, such as…


8. Color Hunt

Color Schemes for Designers and Artists – Popular Schemes
The most popular and current colour schemes, hand-picked by our design team. Color inspiration for your design is available here.



The process of drawing an artwork might be time-consuming, so why not utilise this template as a starting point?

1. Undraw (Illustration)

The first step is to remove the drawing (Illustration)
Colorful images created using the free unDraw programme
There are free and open-source drawings for just about every project you can think of.


2. Icons8’s Ouch (Illustration)

Ouch.pics – Free vector drawings
Boring material for app screens, articles, landing pages, and emails is an issue for creators who don’t draw.


3. Opendoodle (Illustration)

Opendoodle is a great way to express yourself creatively (Illustration)
Drawings that may be used for any purpose are called “Open Doodles.”
Sketchy images of humans that may be used for both personal and business purposes.


4. Glaze (Illustration)

Illustrations of Glaze
Everything can benefit from free drawings. It all begins with our carefully selected royalty-free stock footage.


5. Iconscout (Illustration)

Lottie Animation and Curated SVGs from the Iconscout community.
A number of useful features are included in Iconscout such as built-in Plugins and Conversion Tools, as well as an easy-to-use Editor.


6. UI Faces (Avatars for design mockups)

UI Faces – Mockup-ready avatars for your designs
Copy-paste, API, and plugin-based aggregation of multiple publicly available avatar resources for use in design mockups.



1. Facebook Design

Mobile & Tablets (Various HQ Device Mockup for download)
A collection of popular gadgets that have been designed specifically for Facebook.


2. Free Mockup World

Websites for UI and UX Design: The Best Free Mockups
High-quality free UI and UX mockups of the highest quality.


3. Is Graphics

PSD, Sketch, and Figma Mockups & Design Tools for Free
Download a plethora of free resources for designers working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.


4. The Mockup Club

There is also a group called the Mockup Club.
The Best Free Mockups at The Mockup Club!
Free Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and InVision Studio design mockups are collected here.


Design Systems

1. iOS Human Interface Guideline

Human Interface Guidelines for Apple’s iOS platform are available here.
Use these resources to learn how to build outstanding applications for Apple devices.


2. Google’s Material Design

Faster is better when it comes to creating high-quality, user-friendly goods. Open-source software underpins Material Design’s adaptability.


3. Airbnb Design

Building a Visual Language for Airbnb Design
As part of a series on our new Design Language System, this post goes behind the scenes.


4. Uber Design

Uber Design
As our firm expands and takes on a new focus, we want a brand identity that is easy to use, adaptable to a wide range of platforms, and capable of showcasing localised content with global consistency.


5. Shopify Polaris

Merchandising Platform Polaris by Shopify
All of Shopify’s merchants benefit from our style guide, which helps us all work together to provide the best possible shopping experience.


6. Atlassian Design

Atlassian’s design language may be used to develop simple and appealing user interfaces.


7. Microsoft Design


8. Facebook Design Tools and Resources

Resources for Facebook Design
A collection of Facebook Design’s tools and resources.



1. Fonts from Google

In order to make the web attractive, quick and open with outstanding typography, Google Fonts was founded in 2010.


2. Typewolf

What’s Hot in Typography Typewolf
Web fonts are included in Typewolf’s selection of fonts for designers to use in their next project.


3. DaFont is the third option.

Fonts to download from DaFont
Fonts that may be downloaded and used for free. Browse alphabetically, stylistically, authorially, or based on how well-known a book is.


4. Font Squirrel

Free fonts are available at Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel Font Squirrel searches the web for high-quality, legally-free fonts to use on your website.


5. Font Inspiration

Inspiration for a Font
A collection of typefaces that complement each other
When it comes to the design choices of great websites, Typ.io is disclosing them to the world.


Prototyping Tool

Prototype the design for the interviewee and ask for feedback.

1. Adobe XD

Work on user interface and user experience design in cooperation with Adobe XD | Adobe XD
It’s your one-stop shop for creating websites and mobile applications with UI/UX design in mind. Come up with an idea, make a prototype, and then share it. It’s time to give it a go.


2. Invision

InVision – Workflow and collaboration for digital product design
Digital product design platform InVision is used to create the greatest consumer experiences in the world.


3. Figma

Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.
Using Figma, designers and developers can build, test, and launch better designs. Get to know our clients. It’s chock full of style…


4. Sketch

The digital design toolbox
Seamless connection to the Mac app enables saving to Cloud as simple as typing ⌘S. From there, you may arrange designs…


5. Origami Studio

This is the fifth Origami Studio
Prototyping using Origami at Origami Studio
Facebook’s designers have created a new tool for creating contemporary user interfaces.


It’s quick, it’s fun, and it’s easy to use.
The web is about to get a new framer. Find out more What’s the point of Framer X? The online version of Framer X Framer is coming soon. More information may be found here. The…


  1. The Basics The Basics
    Animated and interactive user interfaces are made simple by this idea. Whether you’re creating a process for a business or a…


  1. Overflow and Overflow are one and the same.
    Useful tool for designers who want to see how users interact with a product or service Create stunning user flow diagrams…


Pexels is the first place to look for stock images.
You may use Pexels’ free stock pictures in any way you choose, commercial or otherwise, without credit.


If you are looking for beautiful, free pictures and photographs, go no further than Unsplash Beautiful Free Images & Pictures. Better than any royalty-free or stock image………


Shopify’s Burst
High-Resolution Images for Websites and Commercial Use: Free Stock Photos
Stock photos that are ideal for blogs and websites Discover a wide variety of free stock images, organised by category…


Free Stock Images of Moose Moose
A grouping of images with a similar aesthetic. For use in collages. No strings attached.


To help you get more done in less time
First, there is the Glitch Image/Gif/Video Maker.
WebGL effects may be used to glitch photos, movies, or the camera. Save as a gif, a video, or an image.


a tool to create two-tone images
ShapeFactory’s Duotone – Free and Stunning Duotones
Make your own own duotone pictures by uploading your own image and adjusting the saturation and contrast.


  1. Compress.io (Image compression tools)
    The Compressor.io application may be used to reduce the file size of JPEG and PNG pictures.
    You may reduce the size of your photographs and photos significantly with Compressor.io, a sophisticated online application.


TinyPNG is number four (Image compression tools)
While maintaining transparency, TinyPNG reduces PNG pictures to a manageable size.
It’s a fantastic question! Here’s a side-by-by comparison for you. Here are a few of pictures of my cousin, which you can see below. The picture on the left…


In order to remove.bg, press 5. (Background removal tool )
All trademarks, service marks, trade names, product names, logos, and trade dress featured on our website are the property of their respective owners.


Toolkit No. 6: Service Design
Down­loads of the Service Design Toolkit
An introduction to the process of service design is provided in this toolkit.


Tools for working together
Zeplin (Collaboration & Handoff tool)
Product teams may collaborate in a shared workspace. Design and style guidelines should be transferred with correct specifications, materials, and code.


Board in real-time (Collaboration Tool)
Online whiteboard and team collaboration software | Miro
For distant teams, a safe, cross-platform, and scalable team collaboration solution. Become a part of a community of over 2 million people and…


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