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2023 Design Trends + Expert Tips

2023 Design Trends + Expert Tips

by girishsolanki20

No one predicted COVID-19 would end well in 2022. This year’s outbreak affected us all. It transformed how graphic designers communicate and promote a firm or themselves.

The recent year’s dramatic events have inspired a new generation of bold and inventive psychedelic design. Businesses need a strong social media presence to thrive, and customers want enterprises to be authentic.

Graphic design trends are hard to predict in the present context.

Let’s investigate how current graphic design innovations may affect advertising, journalism, the labour market, and interpersonal communication. We also explain what unifies these trends.

Graphic Design Trends What’s Coming in 2023 Expert Tips | graphic design trends for 2023

You’ll also learn how to incorporate these trends into reports, infographics, and social media postings.

2023 will see creative pragmatism.

2022 will inspire designers to be inventive and practical. Designs will be eye-catching and functional.

As a graphic and communication designer who survived this year, I’ll create a portrait (with words and photos!) of creative pragmatism.

What’s creative pragmatism?

“Artistic pragmatism” combines creative and pragmatic principles.

Creative people take chances, express themselves freely, and motivate others. Pragmatic people focus on practical rather than theoretical issues.

The Great Resignation is caused by the epidemic’s pessimism and indifference. Workers have reached bottom, prompting them to reconsider jobs and goals.

Everyone wants to feel like their job matters, from artists to accountants. After years apart, people realise the importance of preserving ties.

Thus, we achieved creative pragmatism.

It has a bold, emotive style and focuses on communicating a message.

Creative and realistic graphic design trends for 2023 include:

  • 90s retro-futurism
  • Interactive data visualisation
  • Disparity
  • 2D/3D character illustrations
  • Experimental typography
  • abstract, asymmetrical design with patterns

90s retro-futurism

Thanks to innovative recycling, 1990s psychedelic artwork and stickers are back.

Psychedelic aesthetic has a commercial role despite its counterculture and surrealist roots.

These fun emoticons will soon be everywhere online. This style is authentic, stunning, and typically hand-drawn.

Designing using 1990s retro-futurist iconography

Stickers and icons may express your brand’s message and style.

Use them with your chosen fonts to advertise your brand on packaging and online. This style works for business fliers. See our examples.

a background with abstract, asymmetrical patterns

Vintage influences will keep geometric backgrounds and patterns fashionable in 2023.

Abstract Geometry popularised geometric patterns in 2021, and it’s gaining speed this year. Creative pragmatism may lead to more asymmetrical designs using symbols. Abstract asymmetrical patterns and geometric structures for improving sights

These adaptable graphics may be used in marketing materials and yearly reports. See my examples. Using squares, triangles, and circles, you may create geometric patterns.


Pantone Color Institute anticipates “a distinct mix of colours” for Spring/Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week.

Give examples of contrasting hues.

Blue and yellow and purple and pink are complimentary colours.

Learn how to use high contrast photos.

Extremes display creative pragmatism best. Use this colour palette for your 2022 landing page, study report, and infographics.

2D/3D character illustrations

The internet and social media erupted with 3D graphics in 2022. 2D hand-drawn artwork is witnessing a revival despite the 3D trend. By combining 2D and 3D aesthetics, designers and artists created a new mashup genre. This hybrid art genre mixes 2D drawings with 3D realism. Character art best practises

Even though 3D information rules the internet, scenario drawings are ideal for visually and vocally expressing marketing messaging.

Protagonists and villains typically perform a job in scenarios. 2022 scenario graphics will be inspired by 1990s retro-futurism.

Experimental typography

2022: typography changes. Recent examples are Loki and The Squid Game.

How to use experimental typography

Typography creative pragmatism examples?

Experiment with fonts and visuals. This is a great way to make a mission poster.

Serif fonts are also rising in 2022. Experimental typography uses mostly serif typefaces. Why? Serif fonts are elegant and readable. These are the greatest fonts for utility and play.

Interactive data visualisation

People are improving data visualisation in anticipation of its future relevance. Hello, interactivity!

2019 may bring dynamic data visualisation owing to VR and AR. BadVR’s definition of “stepping through your data”

Not every trend needs you.

We’ve predicted 2023’s top graphic design trends.

These inclinations show the craving for affiliation and importance. We’re excited too!

How will graphics and visual design change by 2023?

Which visual trends are you enthusiastic to incorporate in your upcoming infographics, reports, films, and presentations?

Don’t feel forced to embrace these taste adjustments.

Whatever the trend, your photos and graphics must communicate successfully with your audience.

Image by starline on Freepik

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