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5 Examples of UI Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | bad visual interface design

by girishsolanki20

What separates the world’s largest and most lucrative corporations from others in the same industry who, despite their best efforts, have not achieved the same level of success? There are just two words or a single term that can adequately describe the issue at hand: User Experience (UX).

To really “own their niche,” a company must concentrate on providing goods that provide its consumers with an exceptional user experience. The success of Amazon, Google, and Apple is fueled by user experience design, which their rivals must mimic if they wish to compete with them.

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Big companies are always looking for new ways to disrupt the status quo and are constantly adopting modifications in their products that dramatically improve the customer experience.

You can’t neglect user experience as a company if you want to establish a name for yourself in your market and even consider competing. There is a lot more going on when it comes to user experience (UX, short for user experience) than just product design. Every aspect of your business, from development to organizational structure, must be rethought to ensure that your customers have the greatest possible experience at every point of contact. Of course, your website is included in this.

One of your company’s most potent branding tools is its website. Quite a few firms focus their whole branding strategy on their website because of its almost limitless possibilities. It serves as the fulcrum for all of their sales and marketing operations. Some large and small firms appear to have their website’s user experience (UX) all wrong. When it comes to user experience (UX), they’re not attracting the people they’re trying to reach.

It was found that 78 percent of client-side respondents said that their organization aimed to provide the greatest online user experience possible. It’s great to hear this, but the bad news is that 55% of organizations didn’t say they were doing any user experience testing at all.

This implies that mistakes might occur, resulting in a decrease in a website’s user experience. Knowing what they are can help you avoid them, but you must first know what they are. Consider the following ten traits, each of which has the potential to harm your website’s user experience:

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  • UI Design Best Practices:
  • Easy-to-use user interfaces excel.
  • By using similar UI components, you can ensure consistency.
  • Make use of every square inch of available space by using color and texture to your advantage.
  • Typography is a great way to communicate hierarchy and clarity.
  • Clear communication of system status Prudent use of defaults
  • What’s the difference between good and bad examples of UI design? Which is better?
  • A Members List Section is an example of this.
  • One example is a recipe card, while the other is an appointment booking application.
  • Website Feature Page for Restaurants.

Following established norms of design aesthetics and visual hierarchy in the creation of user interfaces is critical to the success of any project. Use these guidelines to help you design straightforward, user-friendly interfaces that get the job done. Even still, there are occasions when UI designers go a little far in their search for originality. Designs that are the consequence of poor UI design flaws may have a detrimental influence on the product’s performance.

UI Design Best Practices

It’s essential to begin any design project with user research, which aims to uncover the user’s requirements, objectives, motivations, and preferences. The project may now progress into the design phase, thanks to the analysis of user research data. As a user interface (UI) designer, it is your responsibility to include usability concepts in your work in order to create an interface that is simple to use and comprehend.

Easy-to-use user interfaces excel.

The finest form of interface is one that is completely unnoticeable. It is free of ‘extra’ features and delivers clarity on labeling and content.

ensure uniformity by using similar UI components

There are several universal components and icons that are used in all good instances of user-interface design. User interfaces that are consistent in language, layout, and design are more efficient. There is no requirement for the user to get familiarised with the system more than once.

Make the most of every square inch of available real estate.

It’s called “visual hierarchy” when elements are strategically positioned to assist users to focus on the most relevant information while also making it easier to scan and understand. Make sure the elements on the page are arranged according to their significance.

Plan your use of color and texture in advance.

The use of color, light, contrast, and texture to draw the user’s attention to certain components is an effective way to influence their behavior.

Typography is a great way to communicate hierarchy and clarity.

It’s possible to effectively transmit information by varying the font style and size. Improve scannability and readability by using a variety of text styles and sizes to enable the reader easily scan and comprehend the content.

Clearly communicate the state of the system.

A useful and straightforward system constantly notifies its users of the location services being utilized, actions to be done, changes in status, or mistakes that have occurred. Make the best UI decisions to convey system status quickly and the next actions needed to minimize user irritation..

Take care while setting defaults.

The usage of defaults may go a long way toward decreasing user irritation and fostering a positive user experience. There are several ways to speed up the process, for example, by pre-filling or pre-choosing certain fields in forms.

In spite of the fact that there is no ideal method for designing UIs, there are approaches and strategies to make sure that your product adheres to the laws of visual hierarchy and is simple to browse. A series of social media postings entitled ‘which works better” were produced by Koru to illustrate the minor distinctions between excellent and terrible UI. To assist you in better grasping the ins and outs of user interface design, here are a couple of those blog pieces.

To be certain that your UI contains all the necessary pieces in the correct sequence, you may use our complete UI checklist. To get your hands on the file, click on the picture below.

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