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Untitled UI Icons – 1,100+ FREE essential Figma icons

The Untitled UI Icons are a contemporary icon set that aims to be clean, consistent, and neutral. Designed in Figma and built to run on Figma.
Visit untitledui.com/icons to obtain a sample of all of the icons and find out more.

🎉 We were voted the most popular product on Product Hunt. Your help is much appreciated.

Over 1,100 Essential UI Icons for FREE in Figma
Everywhere we looked, we were met with conflicting recommendations for the "perfect" icon collection for cutting-edge UI design. We needed an icon library for Figma, but we couldn't find one we liked, so we built our own.

Designed in Figma and made for Figma. Full support for all component characteristics and overrides included in the newest version of Figma, which is slated for release in 2022. We regret to inform you that Illustrator will no longer be supported.
made with today's user interfaces in mind. Crisp, uniform, and well constructed. Not overly stylized on purpose, and generic enough to be used in any context.
There are almost a thousand and a hundred and fifty so far. Complete with all the tools necessary to create stunning user interfaces and websites in the contemporary day. There will be no more personalised icons.
It's all quite well-organized. All of the library's materials are neatly arranged alphabetically across 19 distinct subject areas. Reduce your time spent looking and increase your time spent creating.
No sharp edges are present. The edges of the unnamed UI icons are rounded off with lovely, continually varying curves of 60%. This attention to detail is essential since it is impossible to ignore.
Standard stroke weight in 2px. By default, icons' stroke weight is set to 2px to provide aesthetic harmony across all sizes. It just takes a few clicks to alter the stroke weight in Figma.
Improved quality of exported SVGs. There are no extra folds or contours. Publishes in SVG are designed for little file size, no extraneous characteristics, and indefinite scalability.
Make as many of as you want. We want it to be the "ideal" library that can be used across a wide variety of projects, thus it's neutral, adaptable, and extensible.
Permanent enhancements There are no "upgrades" or membership costs involved. Always have the most recent changes available to you. Our Untitled UI products are always being updated with new features.

It's not true that all icon collections are created equal.

Most of the hundreds of icon libraries out there are either of poor quality, made just for Illustrator, or are too tiny to be useful. We needed an icon library for Figma, but we couldn't find one we liked, so we built our own.

We designed this symbol set to look great in any setting, while still being neutral enough to be used in a wide variety of ways.

The question is, "Why are you waiting?"

All the tools you need to create cutting-edge UI and stunning websites are included in Untitled UI Icons, making it the last icon set you'll ever need.


To read more about this, visit untitledui.com/icons.


Visit our changelog to see what's new in Untitled UI.


Why do I need a professional icon set?

Inconsistent icons stick out like a sore thumb in today's user interface design. There are a plethora of icon libraries available on the web right now, but the most majority of them are either of terrible quality, unstable, too styled, or too tiny to be of any real use.


The value of a good icon collection is underrated until you actually use one. Having access to a quality icon collection may save you a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on painstakingly generating icons one by one or, even worse, continually updating existing icons so that they are more uniform and optically balanced.


One approach to think about it is to ask yourself, "Will this icon collection save me a few hours of effort in a project?" If you answered "yes," then you should consider making a purchase. Then you have a resource that can be used to an infinite number of other endeavours.


We've put up a complete bundle that includes everything you'll ever want or need to know about contemporary UI design. Plus, it was developed entirely inside Figma, so you can be certain that it will work flawlessly with the program's newest 2022 additions, like the ability to change component characteristics.


The usage of this icon set is not restricted in any way. We made sure of it; the Untitled UI Icons are built to be fully compatible with Figma, as well as consistent, high-quality, and generic enough to be used in any UI or web design.


To what extent do Untitled UI Icons vary from their counterparts?

This is not lost on us. In fact, you may get hundreds of different icon sets online. In what way does making another one serve a purpose?


We researched hundreds of free and commercial icon sets before settling on the one we used in Untitled UI. While there were a few gems among them, we generally felt that the bulk either lacked in quality, were excessively stylised, or were just too little.


The primary issue was that none of them were prepared to take into account Figma's component overrides. If you utilise an icon in a component and alter its colour, for instance, the change will be lost as soon as you replace the icon instance. In order for Untitled UI to be released, we had to manually tweak each of the Feather icons to ensure they functioned properly.


We required a "ultimate" icon collection that was not just of the highest professional quality, but also comprehensive, impartial, and built specifically for use with Figma. When we couldn't locate a good icon set, we decided to create our own. The requirements for the icons we needed were met by Untitled UI Icons since they were designed for Figma inside Figma. We basically did it for ourselves.


Does anybody have any questions?

Please visit our website's Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to common inquiries.


Or is there anything else? To contact our helpful staff, please write to hello@untitledui.com.


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