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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022: Understanding how to design with everyone in mind

Auditory, cognitive, psychological, medicinal, or a combination of these are just few of the many demands that people have. However, the right to use and comprehend things is something we can all agree on. It's extremely critical in web design, but it can be used across the board in today's digital landscape. On the occasion of the 2022 Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we'll answer some of the most often asked concerns about accessibility and provide you with meaningful advice. What's the point of making things easier to use? Everyone should be able to use any internet service, regardless of their disability. Screen readers may scan visuals with alt text added to photos, or the contrast ratio of various backdrops can be checked. The Glucode UX/UI Designer Marianka Cilliers says that "your design is intended to address a user issue, and by not factoring in accessibility you are possibly missing the mark—because the problem is only being solved for a fraction of your audience."

Grocery App Concept

Material Design-inspired UI for a supermarket shopping app. Ami Moradia did an excellent job with this free mobile app.

Learning App Concept – Edulive

Here's a design for a learning app with a modern user interface and vibrant colour scheme. Thank you, Atiqur Rahaman, for making this Sketch freely available.

12 Shadow Styles Library

You may utilise these shadow styles in your UI designs and projects since they come in a set of twelve. Thank you, Anmol Arora, for putting this together! It's time to get your hands on some new music!

Form Components Library – FormKit

You may use this library to construct websites, dashboards, and web UIs using pre-defined text and layer styles. Curtis Lee did a fantastic job on this!

Currency Converter & Calculator UI

Here's a simple and uncomplicated UI idea for a currency converter and calculator in a dark background. Pirog Aleksandr did a great job on this!

Dark UI Elements Pack

When building applications, dashboards, or other online interfaces with dark mode, this Sketch bundle of dark UI components might help. The release of Chris Bontas's material is much appreciated.

Design Thinking Diagram (Editable)

The five steps of the design thinking process are laid out in a visually appealing manner in this editable diagram. I'd want to express my gratitude to Rich McNabb for making this information available.

Sketch iOS UI Kit – Yolk

Sketch-created iOS app UI kit that you may use as a starting point or inspiration for your next mobile app design project. Antoni Botev's art is fantastic!